LIS Network-on-Chip Implementation

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LISNoC is a free Network-on-Chip implementation, mainly for academic or teaching purposes, but freely available for any use under the MIT license. It is implemented in Verilog.

It is a straight forward implementation with a strong focus on easiness to understand the code and extendability.

Main features:

  • Virtual channel support
  • Flexible router configuration (number of input ports, number of output ports,..)
  • Wormhole routing, strict ordering
  • Round-robin arbitration for link multiplexing

We only finished documentation roughly, in case of questions, please contact Stefan Wallentowitz.

Getting Started

The easiest to get started is to understand the documentation from the menu on the right and then dig into the tutorials.

Getting Involved & Staying Informed

We ar happy to get your feedback and input. If you want to get involved or stay updated, you are invited to join the OpTiMSoC mailing list, where we also discuss LISNoC related topics:

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