LIS Network-on-Chip Implementation

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Tutorial 1 - Flow Control

In the first tutorial you will learn about the basic flow control. In the folder tutorials/tutorial_01 you find the file tutorial_01.v that contains the tutorial toplevel and two modules: source and sink. Each of the modules has a small state machine to wait for certain conditions or number of cycles (as verilator does not support testbenches and behaves like synthesis). While this is triggered by the positive clock edge, we concurrently perform the combinational output by a second process which is triggered on the negative edge.

The source:

  • waits for reset to be de-asserted
  • waits for five clock cycles
  • asserts a flit and sets valid
  • waits while ready is not also active
  • inserts a pause for two cycle and sets another flit

The sink:

  • waits for reset to be de-asserted
  • accepts the first flit after six cycles by setting ready
  • keeps ready active
  • waits for the second flit

You can compile the tutorial by running make. Then execute the binary ./tutorial_01, which writes a waveform to tutorial_01.vcd. Inspect this file with gtkwave or similar and you will find this output: