LIS Network-on-Chip Implementation

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(This is work-in-progress)

The tutorials are supposed to help you with understanding the LISNoC basics and operation.

All tutorials are based on verilator. You can either download and build it or use the repository version of your distribution. Be sure to have the verilator executable in your path and set an evironment variable VERILATOR_INCLUDE to point to the path of verliated.h etc. Afterwards the tutorials should all run out of the box. Always run make in the individual tutorial folders under tutorials. You then need to execute the testbench binary and observe the waveform using e.g., gtkwave.

The first two tutorials basically help with understanding flow control and the difference with virtual channels:

Afterwards we will introduce the router, show how to connect it and demonstrate the use case for virtual channels:

Afterwards different NoC topologies are built from the routers:

More to come..